Pietro Sedda lives in Milan where he operates his studio, The Saint Mariner. Sedda is one of the crossovers in the field of Tattoo art- where the material has changed from skin to other materials. Recently Rosenthal released a small collection of functional items featuring Sedda’s works.\

The Cilla Marea Collection by Pietro Sedda for Rosenthal
The Cilla Marea Collection by Pietro Marea

Sedda is a conventional artist by training; he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera. What he has developed, however, is a very unique style that crossed into the surreal with the focus on masculine imagery and romantic notions of the past. Sedda has been recognized by the art community as well as the tattoo aficionados- he has had public exhibitions of his work and his appointment calendar is often booked months in advance.

Sedda is not the first artist in the medium of tattoos to cross over to mainstream production. Fairly recently Paul Timman (of Sunset Strip Tattoo) did a series of dinnerware for Ink Dish (RIP) and accessories for Acme Studio (now out of production). Timman, like Sedda, also had some formal training in art-this time at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Rosenthal as a company has a long history of porcelain production- from decorative to utility ware. The Cilla Marea collection clearly stretches the boundaries of their current collections. Needless to say, stock stateside is extremely limited, and the limited edition vase is now, unfortunately, sold out.

Get it here.

A Work by Sedda