Pantone may feel that ‘Greenery’ is the color for 2017 but fashion and retail continue their foray into the Blue Spectrum.

Sandy Chilewich, who started Hue Hosiery (she sold it in 1991) has continued with her eponymous brand of woven vinyl tabletop and flooring, releasing new colorways and pattern collections in the Spring and Fall. Chilewich recently introduced two new patterns, Mosaic and Wave, which feature a jacquard construction.

Mosaic and Wave use Chilewich’s signature bi-color yarns, with each strand containing two different colors. These specific yarns are woven in such a unique way that one of the colors seems to appear and disappear, breaking up the distinct diamond pattern in Mosaic and the undulating line of Wave. The main color, however, is a warm blue.  According to Sandy, “Each pattern evokes a Nordic design sensibility which feels both warm and cool at the same time.”


Finnish glass company Iittala has introduced Ultramarine Blue as a signature color for 2017.  Scandinavian design is generally immersed in natural themes and materials; think of the classic Danish design furniture of the 1960s. Finland has blue skies and oodles of lakes with blues to match; the color has vitality and vibrancy. It isn’t a coincidence that the color also celebrates Finland’s 100th Anniversary of independence from Russia.
Surround yourself with some warm blues this season.
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