Introduced by the same company that brought back the classic Blackwing 602 pencils- used by writers like Steinbeck and artists like Chuck Jones (Looney Tunes), the Volume 54 Exquisite Corpse Pencil was produced using (what else?) the Exquisite Corpse technique.

Exquisite Corpse dates back to when a group of Surrealists (Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, Marcel Duchamp, etc.) used the technique in the early 20th Century.  Based upon a concept where a phrase or image is added to by a person who only sees the previous entry; the end result is an amalgam of different thoughts and images.

The Blackwing Pencil was separated into  five components (graphite, lacquer, imprint, ferrule, eraser) with the designation of each component constituting the Exquisite Corpse. The finished pencil features a rose barrel, teal imprint, silver ferrule, blue eraser and extra-firm graphite.

The edition is sold out at the manufacturer.  Extremely limited stock is available here while supplies last.