Volume 10 Limited Edition Journalism Pencil from Blackwing

Introduced by the same company that brought back the classic Blackwing 602 pencils- used by writers like Steinbeck and artists like Chuck Jones (Looney Tunes), the Limited Edition Volume 10 Pencils honor Investigative Journalists like Nellie Bly whose work has changed the perception of the world around us.

Nellie Bly (1864-1922)

In 1887, Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochran Seaman) was hired by the New York World to investigate conditions on New York’s Blackwell Island Women’s Lunatic Asylum. Famously, Bly had herself committed for 10 days and later wrote about the experience.

The article was published in installments and later published in complete form as “Ten Days in a Mad-House.” The articles led to a grand jury investigation that resulted in additional funding and operational changes.

As we now live in a time where terms like ‘fake news’ cause us to question truth it is more important than ever to appreciate the work (often dangerous) that journalists accomplish daily.

10 Limited Edition Journalism Pencil Blackwing

The pencils are packaged in boxes of 12. They feature a matte grey newsprint finish, dark grey imprint, silver ferrule, and dark grey eraser. Extra-firm graphite. The Number 10 represents the 10 days Bly spent at the Asylum before New York World obtained her release.

Limited Stock is available at amusespot.com.

Ten Days in a Mad-House may be found here.