The Anthem Area Ladies Social Group’s latest event involves the world of Craft Distilleries. Done with the assistance of Johnson Brothers of Nevada, Anthem Country Club, and Amusespot, the event will involve education and tasting of 7 American Whiskeys, including Bourbon and Rye.

Don’t know anything about Whiskey? No problem. That’s what this event is about. Read on.

Place emphasis on the ‘small’ when thinking about Craft Distilleries. Although there are over 2,000 craft distilleries in the United States, their production represents only about 3% of the market versus the big brands. Jack Daniels, for example, sells a few billion dollars of whiskey a year. Think 100-200 million bottles sold. That is a lot of whiskey.

The big plus with being a craft distillery is that with small production you can move fast- small batches allow you to ‘play’ with product and bring interesting concepts to market. This event presents seven interesting (and tasty!) examples of craft distillery production.

Johnson Brothers of Nevada represents a number of craft distilleries and will be providing ‘flights’ (meaning a series of whiskeys from the same distillery) from two California-based distilleries and a sampling from a distillery located in our home state of Nevada. Philip Dow, Mixologist at Johnson Brothers of Nevada, will be providing guidance through the basics of whiskey and then getting more in-depth with the distilleries represented.

The Neat Glass

The Glass

The Neat Glass is the official judging glass for over 20 spirits competitions, including the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Developed in Las Vegas, the glass has a novel appearance that dissipates alcohol and allows more emphasis on aromas and taste.

The Whiskey

Second Glance

Savage & Cooke
Savage & Cooke is located on Mare Island, California. The distillery has been garnering attention due to the presence of Dave Phinney, the man behind Orin Swift and, perhaps more notably, The Prisoner wine. You may notice similarities in the design of the labels- but notice the placement of the label and the uniqueness of the bottles themselves. The whiskeys from Savage & Cooke investigate the ‘finishing’ of a whiskey- a process generally done in Scotland where a spirit is allowed to remain in a different barrel for a time (example: sherry) to give additional flavor to the spirit. For finishing Phinney uses what he is known for: wine barrels.

The presentation of Savage & Cooke will be a flight of 3 different whiskeys:
Second Glance: 5 Year American Whiskey. Finished in Cabernet barrels.
Burning Chair: 4 Year Bourbon. Finished in Cabernet barrels.
Lip Service: 3 Year Rye. Finished in Grenache barrels.

Blue Corn Bourbon

R6 Distilling
R6 Distilling is a El Segundo-based distillery run by Head Distiller Rob Rubens.

The presentation of R6 Distilling will be a flight of 3 different whiskeys:
R6 Bourbon: 2+Year Bourbon.
R6 Blue Corn Bourbon: 1+ Year Bourbon. Mashbill uses Blue Corn.
R6 Single Malt Whisky: An interesting addition to the tasting with a
‘European-style grain bill.” Which means barley. And Scotch styling.

Two Bitch Bourbon

Two Bitch Spirits
Two Bitch Spirits is based in Eureka, Nevada. Eureka is west of Ely on Route 50, “the loneliest road in America.”

Eureka Gold: A bourbon whiskey.

Please come to the event and meet your community neighbors.
21+ or over.

The Event is being held in the Desert Sky Room at the Anthem Country Club in Henderson, Nevada. August 27, 2019 6-8 PM. $22
Tickets are available here.
Please drink responsibly.
Thanks to Johnson Brothers of Nevada, Anthem Country Club and for assistance with this event.