Recently debuting at Paris’ Maison et Objet Exhibition, Portugal’s Vista Alegre Atlantis and Brazil’s Ecoarts Amazonia have developed a large collection of dinnerware and accessories based on and inspired by the Amazon rainforest. Fantastic in their appearance, the collection ranges includes delicate decorated porcelain, colorful and textured faience interpretation of Amazon pods and fruits, and colorful organic shapes in stoneware- all designed to be mixed and matched at the table. A portion of the sales will be used toward reforestation and preservation efforts in the area. The collaboration is also notable because of the bi-national roots of the effort.

Portugal and Brazil have had a relationship since the 16th Century with the first European settlement in Brazil. The national language of Brazil is Portuguese, albeit with some differences versus spoken word in Portugal.

The Amazon (Amazônia in Portuguese) consists of over 50% of the world’s remaining rainforest with the majority of the Amazon located in Brazil and the remainder covering eight additional countries. Much concern has been placed on the deforestation of the Amazon- not just with loss of species (the Amazon holds an estimated 10%+ of the Earth’s biodiversity) but also with increased carbon load into the atmosphere and its effect on global warming.

Ecoarts Amazonia
Ecoarts Amazônia Production

The destruction of the rainforest facilitates the destruction of communities of indigenous people who are dependent on the Amazon. Ecoarts Amazônia is a Brazilian non-profit that works to recover native forests by selling product by artisans using native leaves, flowers, vines and seeds from the rainforests.

Vista Alegre Atlantis is the largest dinnerware manufacturer in Portugal. Consisting of a conglomeration of companies, including Vista Alegre (porcelain), Atlantis (glass), Bordallo Pinheiro (faience ceramics), and Casa Alegre (stoneware), the company has begun to produce collections that place an emphasis on the group’s ability to collaborate between their factories.

Amazonia Collection by Bordallo Pinheiro
Amazonia Collection by Bordallo Pinheiro

The Amazonia Collection by Bordallo Pinheiro utilizes the colorful glazes from traditional faience ceramics. Founded in 1884, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro began to produce complex ceramics with primarily naturalist themes. This emphasis has been placed on the new collection which focuses on interpretation and reproduction of flora found in the Amazon- with texture and coloration. The result is a striking collection that is useful as functional table or home accent. Available here.

The Amazonia Collection by Vista Alegre

The Amazonia Collection by Vista Alegre

The Amazonia Collection by Vista Alegre consists of a series of porcelain pieces based on the exploration of the Amazon by Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira (1756-1815). Brazilian born, Ferreira was a naturalist that spent many years exploring the Amazon and documenting species he found there.

Vista Alegre took advantage of porcelain’s ability for decoration and developed a large collection of dinnerware and accessories utilizing the beauty of Ferreira’s work. In addition, the company developed patterning and colors that allow Amazonia to easily combine with products from the other manufacturers involved in the project. Available here.

The most utilitarian part of the collaboration involves stoneware from Casa Alegre. Durable enough for everyday use, the Amazonia collection from Casa Alegre has glossy highlights in green and brown, and uses organic forms suggestive of the rainforest. Available here.

The Collections will be shipping beginning May, 2019.
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