Firecreek Coffee Company was founded in 2008 and has coffee bar locations in Oak Creek (Sedona) and Flagstaff, right on Route 66.

We visited the Flagstaff location for some help with a recent photo shoot on coffee making.  We liked what we drank (and saw)- so we came back for the story.

Firecreek Coffee Company on Route 66 has a warm feel to it, with cork flooring and exposed wood. Like most coffee houses Firecreek makes the espresso, cold drips, and standard drips. The centerpiece of the store is the coffee machine/bar but the interesting part is the multi-use aspect of the location, as well as the concept of the business itself. Following the coffee bar is a real bar with tap beer and the beginnings of a beverage program (think alcohol). The back of the premises may be rented and include a stage for bands (and poetry slams on Wednesdays).

The best thing about Firecreek may not just be the coffee- they also make breakfast until 1 PM- and a variety of baked goods.

If that’s not enough they also roast their own coffee.

Jonathan Richman (of Modern Lovers’ fame- think Roadrunner and Pablo Picasso (was never called an asshole)) plays there yearly.  Why?  He likes it.  We do too.

Firecreek Coffee Company
22 Historic Rte 66, Flagstaff, AZ
(928) 774-2266
7 AM-9PM most days.