Located in Lisbon, Portugal, the Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Museum and Garden features the work of Raphael Bordalo Pinheiro, Portuguese artist, political cartoonist, and ceramicist. Bordallo was heavily influenced by his father,  the painter Manuel Maria Bordalo Pinheiro. His brother, Columbano was also a noted artist.

Bordallo (1846-1905) is known as the first Portuguese cartoon/comic artist.  Specializing in political humor, Bordallo developed the character of Ze Povinho (loosely translated as ‘John Doe”), a peasant who represented the general population at large.

Outside of Portugal, Bordallo is most known for his ceramic designs in majolica produced at his factory located in Caldas da Rainha, 60 miles from Lisbon.  Originally founded in 1885 as Fábrica de Faianças das Caldas, the company is now known as Bordallo Pinheiro and produces Bordallo’s original work as well as new production.

The museum’s most interesting exhibit, however, may be found in its garden, where the Bordallo’s notable creatures roam.


Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Museum
Campo Grande, 382
1700-097 Lisbon, Portugal

T. 21 581 85 44
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm
Admission: 3 Euro
(information subject to change)